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Net Load Max Range Application
25 kgs 840 km ISTAR
50 kgs 529 km Logistics (Lgs)
100 kgs 218 km Lgs & ISTAR
120 kgs 93 km Lgs, Agri, ISTAR

Pedongi 160kg/840km/18kFt

AMUDRONE  is your omnipresent logistics partner, from a kg to 160 kgs of multi payloads for operations to include intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance. With an ability to deliver 100+ kgs at altitudes of 18,500 feet and moving marine vessels, the ADCH7 enables optimum advantage to the users.
Max Ceiling18,701 FtDrop High Altitude Logistics Loads
Hover IGE11,483 FtLaunch Pad (max). Logistics, Inspections
Hover OGE8,202 FtISTAR, Communication Relays

Own & Operate a Large Drone Easily

Fully Autonomous Operation

The Amudrone executes the flight completely automatically, from takeoff to landing. The operator is able to define the operation and execute it autonomously, but can also modify the operation in-flight. The platform can also operate autonomously in controlled air traffic areas because of the integration of the transponder In & Out (ACAS I).

Most Advanced Training Simulator

The simulation of realistic flight condition using a real VECTOR hardware & software (FCC) and a second computational unit simulating the environment and sensor input (SIM) enables operators quickly master the Amudrone Operations.

Easy Ground Control Station

The simulation of realistic flight condition using a real VECTOR hardware & software (FCC) and a second computational unit simulating the environment and sensor input (SIM) enables operators quickly master the Amudrone Operations.

The piston engine-powered ultralight series uses a simple aluminum skid undercarriage, which may be fitted with small wheels for ground handling or multi-tube inflatable floats for flying off water.  They are available in  kit form for home assembly in 200-hour building time. A fast-build kit, with more components pre-assembled, is claimed to require 85 hours. They may be fitted with a hook for lifting loads of up to 100 kg (220 lb), or fitted with spray bars for agricultural work. Amudrone integration is by India’s leading Aerospace & Defence Company.

Total Control

Vector | Polar | TeleM07

In design of guidance, navigation and control solutions since 2004, their flight control solutions are used by a variety of Tier 1 aerospace manufacturers in a wide range of UAVs, RPAs and Drones with  advanced autopilots including controlling multiple target drones at 700 km/h, a fully automatic net landing of a drone onto a moving vessel at sea and converting a twin prop manned aircraft or turbine helicopter into a drone.  With a  comprehensive, in-house capability to develop Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS),  flight control algorithms and to fuse the data provided by multiple sensors (GNSS, airspeed, magnetometers, gyroscopes, accelerometers etc)  characterized by their reliability and robustness, being used in all kinds of platforms and weather conditions and integrated by India’s leading Aerospace Engineering company.

Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 / 914 engine series, the Rotax 915 iS engine offers more power, the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, full take-off power up to 15,000 feet (4,570 m) and a service ceiling of 23,000 feet (7,010m).

HummingBird  multi-band imaging system with dual sensor sensor gyro stabilized light weight gimbals provides dual output EO & IR images enhancing situational awareness in day time and also in darkness, smoke, haze, rain, fog and other hazardous situations. With extended dynamic range and depth of field to enhance the clarity and precision of the image while highlighting details that would typically not be visible to the naked eye. With multi-sensor fusion inbuilt it combines complementary information from each sensor into a single video stream which not only reduces bandwidth requirement to transmit but also provides superior image which can be displayed to the operator. It maximizes scene detail and contrast producing superior image quality with maximized information content. HummingBird for UAV’s is available in three configurations – only with 30X optical zoom EO camera, Medium Range uncooled TI and a dual sensor system.  The Gimbal is equipped with an advanced video tracker with ability to allow a UAV to follow a target.

Agriculture Spray Systems

Agriculture drone spray system accs Nozzle + Water pump + Buck type governor adapter + Pipes combo for 5/10/15 / 20L Agricultural UAV

Weaponized Platform

7.62×51 Belt Fed LMG, MV > 800m/s, Rate of Fire > 600 Rounds per minute, three axis gyro stabilized platform, 3,000 rounds in belts, co-axially mounted target acquistion and control day night cameras.

Agricultural Mission Center

Technology Development Center,  Shonkorpur Farms, Village Shankarpur (near Memari), Post Radhakantapur, Purbo Bardhaman 713146 West Bengal India

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