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The Drone Market

At $885 million by 2021, as per a 2020 PwC report, and expecting to reach $1,810 million by FY 2026, growing at 14.61%  India is perhaps the fastest growing drone market in the world. The global drone market is to scale at 20.5% to over $43 billion in 2024 from $14 billion in 2018.  About 150 drone startups in India are already in various stages of growth. And, Make in India drones under induction in defence and other public services is driving the India’s UAV industry in the escalated security perception, multifarious commercial and social uses, an expanding World market, investment in this sector promises an exponential capital growth.


Amudrone aims to close a niche void in to break the predicted benchmarks. Serious investors may seek a peek into live business opportunities on the immediate horizon.



This Amudrone workhorse  will usher in a paradigm shift in logistics capabilities in high altitude and long cross country operations with multiple payloads for flexible engagement for security forces, commercial and industrial applications

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